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ALONAFISH is a team of professionals with 15 years of experience in fishing industry. We cooperate with the world's largest fish catching and processing companies and provide all the necessary export services.

Thanks to the long-term cooperation with the best fish and seafood producers, international transport and forwarding companies, ALONAFISH provides excellent service delivering high-quality fish products to 15 countries by sea and road.

The success of our company is based on an individual approach to each customer and the fulfillment of all our obligations.

Our priority is long-term partnerships



We are an ambitious, actively developing team, swiftly reacting to all changes in the modern world.


Company achievements are the result of the effective synergy that combines and emphasizes the best skills of our employees. We are a team of professionals.


We fulfill our obligations with the utmost responsibility. Our goal is to solve your tasks and provide the best service.


We work professionally, develop constantly, apply the best practices and analyze the innovations in sales to meet the international standards of the offered services.

Effective Communication

is a key aspect in building successful cooperation with our partners. Friendly relations and constructive communication give us the opportunity to offer everyone exactly what they need.

Respect for the customer

We appreciate our every customer and we aim at meeting all their needs.

Quality in everything

Every day we deliver the highest-quality products and services to our customers.

ALONAFISH — is an international trading company trusted by customers in 15 countries and we intend to further expand the geography of our cooperation.

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The partners of ALONAFISH are reliable and proven producers from more than 20 countries. We provide our customers only with the best fish products!

Our main partners are companies from:

Our main partners are companies from

ALONAFISH has strong long-term relationships with all our manufacturers. We have agreements of international standards with all our suppliers which guarantee the delivery of consistently high quality and safe products to our customers.

At our website, you can find a wide range of offered fish and seafood products. We are ready to provide you with any products according to your specifications.

Atlantic Herring

Atlantic Herring

Clupea harengus
Type of cutting: whole round, fillets, flaps, matjes
Country of Origin: Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland
Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic Mackerel

Scomber scombrus
Type of cutting: whole round, HG, fillets
Country of Origin: Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Canada, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain


Mallotus villosus
Type of cutting: whole round
Country of Origin: Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Canada


Merluccius productus
Merluccius hubbsi
Type of cutting: whole round, HGT, fillets
Country of Origin: USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Argentina, Spain, Uruguay
Alaska pollock

Alaska pollock

Theragra Chalcogramma
Type of cutting: HG, HGT, fillets
Country of Origin: USA, Canada, China


Pangasius hypophthalmus
Type of cutting: HGT, fillets, steaks, portions
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Baltic Herring

Baltic Herring

Clupea harengus membras
Type of cutting: whole round, HGT
Country of Origin: Estonia, Finland, Latvia


Sprattus sprattus balticus
Type of cutting: whole round
Country of Origin: Estonia, Finland, Latvia
Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon

Salmo salar
Type of cutting: HON, HG, bellies, heads, offcuts, trimming, backbones, cuts, brown meat, bits&pieces, fillets
Country of Origin: Norway, Chile, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, United Kingdom, France


ALONAFISH focuses on mutually beneficial cooperation. This guarantees you quality products at competitive prices in optimal terms, minimizes risks and saves your time.

Ordering products from us, you receive:

  • individual customer-centric approach
  • the best offers in accordance with your requests (as well as the formation of mixed cargoes from various countries in cases of necessity)
  • up-to-date information on key industry trends, pricing, current situation with catching fish and seafood, quotas
  • services of a personal manager able to solve any arising issues with your order
  • full set of required documents
  • customs clearance of products (for customers from the European countries)
  • high-quality international freight
  • complete control of the delivery process
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